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What to expect when your house sale is in solicitors’ hands a guide for buyers and sellers in Tunbridge Wells, Crowborough and the Surrounding Areas.

The exciting part is over; a buyer has decided they want to make your Tunbridge Wells or Crowborough house their home, and just as you reach the fever pitch of accepting an offer, there is a lull. You have been very much hands-on preparing your home for sale by having a say on the description we write as well as the photos and even when the property goes live! But now it feels like the sales process (conveyancing) is taking place without you. There is always an element of the unknown when conveyancing starts, even the easiest of sales can have a hiccup or two along the way. At KMJ Property we know that many sellers may not fully understand what may happen and how you can have a hand in changing the outcome. Therefore, it is important to understand what to expect when your Tunbridge Wells, Crowborough or Surrrounding areas home sale is in solicitors’ hands.


What is conveyancing (also known as the sales process)?

The sales process is the transfer of the legal home ownership from you, the seller, to the buyer. It begins with you accepting an offer and ends when the monies for your property, whether cash or mortgage, are paid and the keys are handed over.

Nerves and doubts

The easiest way to ensure that you have a smooth journey from offer to completion is to be ready to act. Delays make buyers and sellers nervous, and as soon as nerves kick in you usually find that doubts will follow, and what you never want when you are selling your home is someone in your chain having doubts about whether to proceed. With this in mind, get all your home’s records and certificates ready so that when your solicitor requests, for example, your boiler service record there is no mad panic and searching of cupboards for the illusive bit of paper – you will have it in your hand as if by magic!

The curse of fall-throughs

No one wants their house sale to fall through and yet accepting an offer from a buyer who isn’t in an actual position to proceed raises a big alarm bell. According to research by Quick Move Now, 25% of sales that failed between January and March this year were cause by a buyer who struggled to secure a mortgage. If you instruct us to sell your home, we make sure that all potential buyers are qualified, to ensure they are in a position to proceed, therefore it is worth checking that the estate agent you choose also does the same.

The challenge of an incomplete chain

When your house sale moves into the hands of your solicitor, so does that of the rest of your chain. Your sale is linked to other buyers and sellers, and there will be a top and bottom and what happens in any of the links can result in the whole chain collapsing. The importance of selecting the correct estate agent and solicitor is that they will be keeping an eye on each and every sale, and at any sign of rumbles they will be working hard to get it resolved. If someone pulls out of your chain, at KMJ Property we don’t just sit by and watch everything fall apart: we work hard to find a solution so that you can move as you had initially planned. Having someone fighting not just your corner but your entire chain makes a smoother and more enjoyable sales process.


Be ready to make decisions

Your conveyancer will draw up a draft contact, using information from a questionnaire you are required to complete, which will then be sent to your buyers. This document will be the basis of negotiations which will include your completion date, what fixtures and fittings are included in the sale as well as things that could arise as a result of the survey. It is good to think about these questions in advance, this way you will have a thorough understanding of your position, making it easier for your solicitor to have a clear picture of how you are wanted to proceed without endless and time-wasting communications.

It is another beginning

It is easy to think that the sale of your home starts when you place it on the market, but in reality it truly begins when an offer is accepted. Ensuring you have placed yourself and your property in a strong position from the start will help secure an offer, just as having a solicitor who is experienced in your kind of property sale will always put you one step ahead. If you would like more advice on the sale process and what you can do to help it succeed, contact our team on 01892 515188 or email us at sales@kmjproperty.co.uk

Will the cost of living crisis affect house prices in Tunbridge Wells, Crowborough and the Surrounding Areas?

There is a wealth of uncertainty at the moment, and one of the major worries for households up and down the country is the impact of the cost of living crisis. Everyday essentials have risen astronomically, everything from fuel to food and energy, and therefore you may have heard a variety of different opinions on what, as a result, will happen to the property market.  But before you assume that the outlook for the value of your home is going to be gloomy, there may be some light ahead in Tunbridge Wells, Crowborough and the Surrounding Areas We ask: will the cost of living crisis affect house prices?
Where are we now?
According to the Halifax, in April the average price of UK property was up 10.8% on the same month last year, and the average cost reached a record high of £286,079, which is a result of the longest run of increases since 2016. The recent property boom was fuelled by the Covid pandemic, and the first lockdown in particular, so the housing market has defied economic conditions. Obviously, a lot of people realised they needed their own space! It isn’t just Covid that has been driving house price growth but also low interest rates, the stamp duty holiday, and the desire to relocate and search for bigger homes with more space especially in the Garden, for those who were cooped up in a flat.
“Housing transactions and mortgage approvals remain above pre-pandemic levels, and the continued growth in new buyer inquiries suggests activity will remain heightened in the short-term. The imbalance between supply and demand persists, with an insufficient number of new properties coming on to the market to meet the needs of prospective buyers and strong competition to secure properties driving up prices,” said Russell Galley, the managing director of Halifax.
It isn’t just the cost of living that is squeezing household budgets but also mortgage rates. The gap between house prices and earnings continues to widen, reports the Office of National Statistics (ONS). With the average cost of a home in England rising from 2020 that saw 7.9 times earnings to an average of 9.1 times earnings. As a result, home buyers are struggling to find larger deposits, thus forcing many into staying in long-term rentals. Nationwide reports that seven in 10 have now put their plans on hold for at least two years.
Where are we headed?
Things have started to slow, which is confirmed by the Halifax’s monthly property index which states the rate of growth in April is down from March. “Even though there is a lot of caution about the future economic landscape, it seems that limited supply available on the market, coupled with steady demand growth, are still the overriding drivers of house prices,” suggests the latest RICS Residential Market Survey.

Despite this increasing financial tightening, industry experts still believe that we are not headed for a crash.  At KMJ Property we are not expecting house prices to fall in Tunbridge Wells, Crowborough and Surrounding Areas but we do think that the rate of growth will start to stagnate.  Russell Galley, the managing director of Halifax states: “The headwinds facing the wider economy cannot be ignored. With interest rates on the rise and inflation further squeezing household budgets, it remains likely that the rate of house price growth will slow by the end of this year.”
There is no doubt everyone’s finances are under pressure this year, and one thing that we know from the last couple of years is it’s hard predict. Rightmove’s Tim Bannister commented: “With so many variables affecting house prices and affordability, it’s a reminder that the market is extremely difficult to predict, and those looking to buy will be prioritising their own needs and what they can afford rather than waiting to try and time the market.”
Where to be
We understand that you may have specific questions related to your home and personal circumstances. Our team are always available – call 01892 515188 or email sales@kmjproperty.co.uk

How your senses are a powerful asset when buying a home in Tunbridge Wells, Crowborough, and the Surrounding Areas

Everyday we experience things that trigger our senses and make us aware of what is around us. There is no doubt the smell of fresh bread when you pass a bakery will make you think twice about taking a detour. Our five senses (sight, sound, taste, touch, smell) impact our buying decisions on many things, including buying a home. Here at KMJ Property, we know that understanding the role our senses play in our home-buying choices will help you to make the right decision when buying a home in Tunbridge Wells, Crowborough, or the surrounding Areas.

Sight seduction

First impressions are so important. It is very easy when viewing a home to be seduced by what we see. You want a house that gives you those butterflies, one that offers you the space and style that you seek. But are your eyes playing tricks, seducing you by the fixtures and furnishings rather than you taking notice of what the house offers? You need to learn to edit what you see, to, of course, enjoy each space, but try to visualise it without all those beautiful things – will it still give you the same feelings?

Just as beautiful things can win you over, clutter and dated décor can also turn you off, and, again, you need to see the space as it could be and not how it is. There is no doubt this can be a tricky thing to do, but instead of rushing through the chaos spend time to take the room in. Focus on things you can’t change: how much natural light is pouring in, are there any features, and does it offer you the space you need?  Colours have feelings and emotions attached to them, and this can also affect your mood when you enter a room; just remember colours can always be changed.

Naughty noses

There is nothing like a particular scent to evoke a memory and a bit of nostalgia, another powerful emotional buying influencer. Although pleasant smells can bring a smile, a strong or bad odour can give you a negative response to the home you are viewing. Not all sellers will think about the impact all smells can have on a buyer, which is why you need to decide if it is something you can ignore. Some smells could require further investigation and highlight bigger issues with the property, such as damp and drains, whereas strong artificial scents such as plugins, or even the aroma of food, are temporary and can easily be eliminated.

Serene sounds

When it comes to your home, as you relax at the end of a busy day, you will be seeking a bit of peace and calm. As buyers, we know that you will be turned off by lots of noise and rowdy neighbours. Research has found that loud noise can impair our creativity, thoughts, and perceptions, which is why we know excessive sound is something you can’t ignore. It could be worth a visit to the property at different times of the day to experience how the environment sounds as it could vary; also, is there a change in noise between the front and back of the property?

Tantalising touch

Just like a child who cannot resist touching everything they see, when you enter a property you are hoping to buy, of course you are going to want to reach out and touch things. Don’t be afraid to get intimate with the home, look behind doors, check out the space in cupboards and feel the texture of the walls. Reaching out beyond what you can initially see may bring you some unexpected surprises within the property which could influence your decision.

Testing taste

What taste does the property leave you with? You will know in your gut whether this home is a contender.  Your buying decisions will be influenced by your senses, but, as we have suggested, there may be times you take note and times where you may wish to ignore. When buying a property, you want to make the right choice rather than being left with a bitter taste. If you would like more advice on buying a home in Tunbridge Wells, Crowborough or the Surrounding Areas contact our team on 01892 515188

How to cope with the stressful stages of moving home in Tunbridge Wells, Crowborough, and the Surrounding Areas

You have so many emotions wrapped up in changing address: there could be feelings of sadness saying goodbye, combined with the excitement of your new home. Moving home is full of highs and lows and just when you think you are coming to the end, you have one of the most of the stressful stages to come, the big move!  There are ways that you can minimise the mayhem, add some calm and take some of the aghhh out of moving day.  Here is our advice on how to cope with the stressful stages of moving home in Tunbridge Wells, Crowborough, and the surrounding areas.

Pre-sale stage

Most home movers don’t think about packing until they have an offer accepted and they are well within the sales process.  It is normal to think you have all the time in the world, but what tends to happen is that as time starts ticking by, the more procrastinating we do. It is that overwhelming feeling of looking at ‘all that stuff’ in your home and wondering where and how to start that adds stress onto an already stressful situation.

This is why we would always advise that you think about starting your preparation for moving home before you sell your house.

Yes, that early! 

Whilst you are starting to declutter and organise your home to present it for sale, there is nothing to stop you from starting to pack a few bits and pieces along the way.  There will be plenty of things that you won’t need before you move, so instead of them taking up space in your home, why not pack them away. This will give help to make your home feel more spacious due to being less packed with things, but it also gives you a head start.

Panic packing

Completion date is on the horizon and that moment of panic that can hit where you look around your home and scream , ‘Where do I start?’ One thing we always say at this stage is purge – you need to get rid of those non-essential items. Not only will this feel cathartic but may even reduce the cost of your move.

You also should measure pieces of furniture you are planning to take before your move, to make sure they will fit in your new home. There is no point taking things that are not going to fit; can you imagine how frustrating that will feel to arrive and find your sofa won’t even fit through the door?  Moving day will be stressful enough without adding the drama of furniture not fitting as well.

Labelling is also essential. This is another major stress when moving, not being able to find things because you’ve not put them in the right box or the box isn’t labelled.  If you are using a removal company, it is also important to talk to them before you start packing, they may have a system they may wish you to use as well as certain sizes of boxes.

Day of reckoning

It is the night before the big day and we know there will be so many things rushing through your mind.  In all the haste to pack everything for your home, have you managed to pack a bag for yourself?   Make sure you have important paperwork and ID, such as your passport – you just never know what you may need. Chargers for all those important electronics, essential medicine, your daily toiletries and also a change of clothes.  Remember there can be delays and so bear in mind that if you have everything labelled and organised, no matter what you need you will be able to find it.

And breathe

The day has arrived and things will no doubt take a lot longer than you envisaged. To lower your stress levels, giving your children and pets a day off is the best way to start. Do not put extra pressure on yourself, there is no rule book to say you have to unpack everything in a day; in fact, who cares if it takes you weeks or even if you have boxes in the garage months later!

If you have everything labelled, you will know what to unpack first and which boxes you can place to one side until another day. Being in a new home and trying to fit your old house into it can be disorienting, it will take time for you to fuse the old and new together to create the home you have been dreaming of.

If you would like more advice on moving home, contact our team at KMJ Property today on 01892 515188

FIA How to add value to your garden to help sell your property in Tunbridge Wells, Crowborough and Surrounding the areas

Summer is quickly approaching, and we long for those fine days where we can enjoy spending time outdoors and enjoying our gardens again. Gardens have a huge role to play when selling your home. The space you have at the front of your home is responsible for that all important first impression. Your garden is basically another room in your home: it is a place where you can relax, entertain and have fun. It, too, like many rooms in your house, has the potential to make or break a sale and can even add value. Therefore, as we start to spend more time in our outdoor spaces, how can your garden add value and help sell your home in Tunbridge Wells, Crowborough and the surrounding areas?

Adding value

Your garden should be considered as one of your home’s biggest assets and, therefore, needs to be loved and cared for, just like your kitchen or bathroom. In fact, a good garden can increase the value of your home by up to 77% according to research by The Greenhouse People. You don’t need a designer budget or luxurious finishes – there are a number of cost-effective changes you can make that will always benefit the sale of your home and make buyers extremely happy.

Often it is the small changes that can have the biggest impact. Mowing the lawn so it is looking neat and tidy is a great place to start, unless you are taking part in No Mow May. Launched by the nature charity Plantlife, No Mow May seeks to keep gardens wild, allowing wild plants to thrive and helping to provide nectar for insects. If the rest of your garden is looking pristine, it can be easy to explain why your lawn may be looking more unkept without it deflecting from what your garden has to offer.

When you are looking to decorate a room, you may have thoughtfully considered colours, textures, and zoning of furniture. The same principles should be used when you are looking to design your garden: have distinct areas, use different materials to add texture, and think about your planting for adding colour. Don’t forget those finishing touches such as cushions, lanterns and throws to bring your outside ‘room’ to life.

Like all rooms, you need to have some kind of storage, whether you add a shed in a tucked-away part of the garden, or you use a garage or some other outbuilding. You want somewhere you can place all your gardening tools as well as things like BBQ, summer furniture, bikes, outdoor cushions and other bits and pieces.

Another priority for your garden, and something which is often high on the list of priorities for buyers, is privacy as well as security. There are always things you can do to minimise your garden being overlooked, whether that is through clever planting, bamboo screens or trellis with climbers. Security is also a concern; therefore, ensure your fencing and gates are in great condition, and you have lights where needed too.

Be careful you don’t devalue

No matter how much you care for your garden, there could be an enemy within that will not only cause damage but could risk devaluing your home by around 15% according to surveyor experts at Stokemont.com. The most common ‘damaging’ plants to your home’s value include Japanese knotweed. This invasive plant is known for its devasting ability to cause damage wherever it spreads. Did you know its roots can even reach 20 metres underground, making it extraordinarily difficult to get rid of. This is why Japanese knotweed is listed as a defect to the property by RICS Homebuyer Reports.

Other invasive and damaging plants include giant hogweed and English ivy, due to their fast-growing root systems which can spread out to 40 metres, popular trees such as willow and oak can be dangerous if grown close to property.

Make your garden work for you

There is no doubt, summer buyers will have a strong focus on the outside space your home provides, so don’t miss the opportunity to make your garden work for you. It provides an extra room to your house, as well as having the potential to add value. If you are curious how much your garden upgrades have added value to your home, contact our team at KMJ Property today on 01892 515188.




How you can make the most of the sunshine when selling your home in Tunbridge Wells, Crowborough and the surrounding areas

In Tunbridge Wells, Crowborough and the surrounding areas, the sun is beginning to peak through the clouds again, and our slightly rouge tones will suggest that we have been loving this beautiful weather we have been having. There’s been no slowing down of the property market over the last few weeks, so you will often seeing us dashing from one appointment to another with our sunnies on.  We have loved meeting so many wonderful local people wishing to fulfil their desire to move home, whether that’s to upsize, downsize or buy for the first time. The sun has a way of adding a touch of sparkle to a home, which is why it is crucial to make the most of that glorious sunshine when selling your home in Tunbridge wells, Crowborough and the beautiful surrounding areas

Let them shine

Whilst you are busying making sure your home’s interior is perfect, there are often little jobs that can get missed, and one of them is your windows. As the ground is so dry, there can be a lot of dust around, which will often migrate, leaving your windows with a bit of film of muck.  If you have a window cleaner regularly, you have nothing to worry about. If you don’t, you may want to increase their visits or start instructing one, so your windows always look crystal clear; this is very important to make use of all this gorgeous natural light.

Let the sun pour in

With your windows shining, you want to make use of all the natural light that pours into your home. You may have been keeping blinds closed to keep your home cooler, but for a buyer, a dark or grey room is not as attractive as one filled with an abundance of natural light.  Ensure all your blinds are open entirely and tie your curtains back so they will not be flapping around in the breeze.

Let in some air

After months of stuffiness due to the not so nice weather, isn’t it fantastic to be able to open your windows and doors and have your home filled with fresh air?  It’s also a great way of helping to get rid of slight niggly odours and adds a sense of calmness and that all-important feeling of home.  On the day of a viewing, open your windows, and ensure your estate agent has all the keys to open the doors, so your home is beautifully ventilated.

Let summer appear

Our homes are an extension of our personal style and tastes; how you’ve decorated yours will be different to your neighbours.  Neutral tones are always preferred when selling your home, and at this time of year, add some fun summer shades as accents.  Warm winter tones with fluffy textiles are great for those colder months when we all wish to snuggle, but at this time of year, clean, fresh and fun is the look you are going for, as this will appeal to this season’s buyers.

Let colours pop

It isn’t just inside your home where you need to think of colour; focus on the outside of your home too. From your front door to your hanging basket to the flowerbeds or pots in your garden, you need to get busy wherever you can add colour.  There are many places you can buy plants of all shades for your home; remember to add something to the front of your property and the back, so all areas feel loved and cared for.  Check out the local allotments, garden centres and even the Tunbridge Wells or Crowborough Facebook page, as there are a wealth of choices for all budgets.

Let the sun help to sell

It’s easy to let the sunshine help sell your lovely home in Crowborough, Tunbridge Wells and all areas in between this summer, but even though properties are selling quickly, if you want the best possible price, you must do all you can to make your house looks and feels its best.

For more advice on how to get your home sold fast this summer, call our team on 01892 515188

Problems that home staging can’t solve when selling your home in Tunbridge Wells, Crowborough and Surrounding Areas

At KMJ Property we know that staging is a powerful tool when it comes to selling your home; the right staging can work miracles in most cases. Simply put, home staging is the term which describes preparing your home or ‘setting the stage’ for a potential buyer. This involves decluttering, organising, redecorating, cleaning, rearranging furniture and other strategies to make your home as appealing as possible.  Staging is not designed to hide issues with your home, instead you should resolve these before you place your home on the market. With this in mind, here are some problems that home staging can’t solve when selling your home in Tunbridge Wells, Crowborough and the surrounding areas.

The big two


Adding some carefully positioned plants and flowers can not hide the obvious when it comes to outdated or tired kitchens and bathrooms. These are two rooms that can make or break a sale and, therefore, you need to ensure that you have done what is required to bring them up to standard. Broken doors or shelves within kitchen cabinets are not only a turn-off but can ring alarms about the condition of the rest of the property. New grouting and a fresh lick of paint can make a huge difference, and should your kitchen doors need some love, could painting or re-spraying be a solution?  One thing is for sure, you need to work harder in these rooms to make other areas of your home shine.

Outdated and odd features


All homes, especially older ones, can charm buyers with their character and quirkiness, but should this uniqueness be odd or outdated it will have the opposite affect.  Home staging won’t distract buyers from the weird and wonderful, in fact it will focus their attention completely and away from the property as a whole and could also impact the potential value of your home as well. Therefore, if you have neglected to update or remove such features we would certainly recommend that you consider undertaking the work before you take the step of inviting estate agents round to value your home.


Rushed makeover


You may have been working hard to get your home ready for sale but decided that you don’t need to decorate. Adding the most stylish and exquisite pieces to a room won’t disguise a tired paint job, and buyers will notice. But in the haste to get your property on the market your paint job may not be to a professional standard, and this will stand out a mile. If you are not up to the task then investing in a decorator will take away the stress and also leave your home looking like Britain’s Next Top Show Home.

Damaged flooring

Rugs are often used in home staging to define spaces within a room; what they are not designed for is to hide damage or other floor issues. Some flooring problems can be felt underfoot when walking across the area, and hiding them with a rug will look deceitful, which is the last thing that you want when selling your home. Take a look at your carpets as well – have they seen better days? If so, it could be worthwhile replacing them or at least having them steam cleaned so they are looking the best they can be for potential buyers.


No hiding smells


Your home could look immaculate, be beautifully staged and be the dream that buyers are seeking, but if there are unwanted odours, the image that you have created will be shattered into pieces. If you are a smoker or have pets, having rugs, carpets and furniture cleaned will help to remove those lingering smells which potential buyers will notice immediately. Also, be wary of using plug-ins, air fresheners or scented candles – these can have very strong and dominant fragrances which can overpower a room. Using such strong scents can also start buyers wondering if you are trying to hide other smells which are lurking underneath.

Do the work


If you wish to get the best price for your Crowborough or Tunbridge Wells property, you need to put in the work before you look to place your house on the market. Home staging is there to enhance your home’s natural beauty, not to be used as a tool to hide its issues. It is important that you look at your home through critical eyes, only then can you see its flaws just as a potential buyer will do on a viewing.


If you would like advice on how best to approach getting your home ready for sale, call our sales team today on 01892 515188

Married at first sight Tunbridge Wells and Crowborough home edition

No matter which TV channel you switch on these days there seems to be a programme about dating, from Love is Blind and Love Island to the one that is always met with disbelief, Married at First Sight. Here contestants commit to marrying someone they have never met, and, before you gasp in horror, many buyers commit to making the biggest investment of their life to date by buying a property after the first viewing. With this in mind, what tips can you as a buyer learn from such dating shows in our Married at First Sight Tunbridge Wells and Crowborough Home Edition.

The wedding

You have been trying to find the ideal house match for weeks, maybe months and even years. Just like online dating, things can be equally frustrating: properties may not look the same as the photos or you don’t get that initial and all-important spark, and then you get a call to view a property that you have not seen, before it hits the market. You walk towards the property with trepidation, unsure what to expect, nerves are battering your stomach and you hope it is everything you imagined.

As you walk through the door, do you have butterflies? Is there a spark? Are you falling in love?  First impressions are, of course, important, but do make sure you take everything into account so your heart doesn’t rule your head and you have disappointments down the line.

The morning after

Things always look clearer the next day, but with the current property market you may not wish to wait to make a move. It may not take until the next day for the cracks to appear in your love for the home; there may be things that will mean you have to compromise on your wish list, or the property could need some work. Just as nobody is perfect, a ‘perfect’ property can have one or two niggles, so always look at everything and only when you have the full picture can you be sure if this house is the new love of your life.

The dinner party 


One of the events the contestants in the TV programme participate in is the regular dinner party, where they all get together to air their views and opinions. You will no doubt wish to discuss the property with your friends and family, and they will no doubt have a few things to say. Remember that they have not seen the house, so can only go from your feedback, but don’t let them cloud your judgement. You know in your gut if this is the one for you.

Commitment ceremony 

Are you ready to commit to this property for the foreseeable future? It is decision time: are you going to say I do to this property you have only seen at first sight? If you have any questions, now is the time to get them answered; as well as asking advice from those close to you, you should also ask the experts. At KMJ Property we want you to ask questions, because the more you ask the more certain you will be in the decision you are about to make.

Final vows 

Having an offer accepted is only the starting point for buying a property. You think finding a property to love is hard. The sales process can shatter emotions, create issues and doubts, and put your certainty for this house of your dreams at risk.  You need to keep reminding yourself of the importance of your feelings at ‘The Wedding’, acknowledge those morning-after thoughts and see the positives, consider those views expressed at the dinner party and how you made the decision to commit. 

You and your new home will face some challenges in the years to come, and you will never forget the first time you met At KMJ Property we look forward to playing a part in your very own Married at First Sight Tunbridge Wells and Crowborough Home Edition. Give our team a call on 01892 5151 88.

Which DIY upgrades will add value to your Tunbridge Wells or Crowborough home?

Easter is upon us. It’s also the season of bank holiday weekends, which for many of us means a chance to do some DIY and upgrade our home. You want to ensure any changes you make create a better environment for your family but also add value to your home should you decide to sell in the future. DIY can be a blessing and also a curse: it has the ability to enhance our homes but also destroy them.  According to independent inspection body RISA, homeowners have spent over £6 billon trying to resolve DIY disasters. At a time where every penny counts, you won’t want a DIY SOS rather than an upgrade that will add value to your Tunbridge Wells or Crowborough home.


Know your limitations


Before you pick up a hammer, knock down a wall or rip out the bathroom, be honest with yourself; we know that DIY can save you money and we relish the challenge and sense of achievement when the task is completed and looks fantastic.  But what happens if you are out of your depth, and the small job uncovers another issue? Know when to get a professional in, as bad DIY can quickly knock thousands off the value of your home.

Start with first impressions


There will always be that house on a street that stands out from the rest: the home whose exterior shines, it may be minimalist chic, beautifully adorned with hanging baskets, or just give off that warm welcome that shows the home is loved. First impressions really do count and set the tone for the rest of your home; therefore, when it comes to where to start your DIY jobs, start from the very beginning with kerb appeal. 


Your front door is the focal point of your home’s kerb appeal, a quick wash or a fresh coat of paint can really make a huge difference.  Jet wash any paving. A healthy lawn and tubs and beds full of colour and life with seasonal planting will show that this home is loved and cared for. Potentially, having an attractive kerb appeal could add 2% -3% onto the value of your home. 


Don’t forget the small stuff


It is easy to pay attention to the big jobs you wish to undertake and neglect those little jobs for another day. But it can often be the little things that ring the biggest alarm bells for potential buyers: dirty walls, mouldy sealant, broken lightbulbs all say that this home is not cared for and buyers will wonder what bigger issues lie beneath the surface.



At some point you may wish to upgrade your bathroom, especially if it is starting to look tired, as this is a space in our homes where we can relax. The bath vs shower debate is one only you can decide, but bear in mind that, should you decide to sell in the future, not having a bath could turn some buyers off your home. Whatever you decide, it is essential to get it right and keep to your budget. You may wish to seek professional advice, or even ask them to undertake some of the work. As they say, kitchens and bathrooms sell houses, but most importantly create a bathroom that you will love to spend time in. 


Your outdoor space


Your garden or terrace is an extension of your home; it is another ‘room’ in your property that, as the warmer weather starts to appear, you will want to spend a lot of time in. During lockdown we know that gardens were a DIY favourite, and the passion for having a garden that works for your family has not diminished.  Every member of your family can potentially have a hand in upgrading your outside space, whether it is choosing the plants and shrubs or doing some heavy lifting as required.   Our tip would be to make sure that your different zones flow into each other and that your choice of materials creates a cohesive style that defines and elevates your garden into a stylish haven you all can enjoy.

Upgrades on a budget


There are many jobs you can do that will potentially help the value of your property but will also not require a large investment like a new kitchen or extension would. From decluttering to decorating, organising and freshening your home’s décor can make a huge difference to how you enjoy your space as a family but also can increase your home’s attraction to potential buyers. There are plenty of ‘organising’ shows on TV to give you some inspiration, from Netflix’s The Home Edit to Stacey Solomon’s Sort Your Life Out, with some simple changes your home can be transformed.

A word of caution

We would be remiss if we didn’t advise you that not all renovations and home upgrades will add value to your home, therefore, if you are thinking of undertaking a big project, please talk to your local estate agent to ensure that the works you do will add value and not exceed the ceiling price for a property in the area.  

If you would like any advice on simple or big DIY upgrades that will add value to your Tunbridge Wells or Crowborough home, please call our team at KMJ Property on 01892 5151 88.

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