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Let us share with you the story of the Goldilocks family and the three estate agents – you might think you know the story, but there’s a twist in the tale.   Should you be looking to sell your home, we suggest that you take a seat, grab a cuppa and relax whilst we take you on a journey.  As with all fairy tales there is a worthwhile moral to ponder over, so where to begin?


Once upon a time, the Goldilocks family decided to sell their home.  They had been thinking about it for a while but now that they’d finally made the decision, it was time to make the move. They needed an estate agent, but who to choose?  The local high street ones were all the same, weren’t they?


They decided to invite three agents to their house to see if one would be the right agent to sell their home.  Their home was their most prized possession so they didn’t want to make a rash decision, one that they might later regret…

Before the agents came to look at their house the Goldilocks family looked at some of the other houses around them.  Mr Goldilocks was ready to haggle on fees “It’s all about the cost!” he said.  Mrs Goldilocks had written a list of questions to ask. She wanted to know how each agent would market their house, and what other houses they’d sold – she wanted to know that they’d get plenty of help and support throughout their sale.


The day had arrived and the Goldilocks family waited for the three agents.  The first agent was not local to the area, but was the cheapest.  They walked around the house and praised its presentation.  The Goldilocks’ had read about how important it was to get their home ready for sale if they wanted to achieve the best price, so they’d made sure it would impress.


Agent one had also done some research, but when Mrs Goldilocks asked some of her questions it was clear they didn’t know much about the local area.  Then came the valuation, which was lower than expected.  Even Mr Goldilocks, who had been backing agent one from the start, felt deflated.  Agent one said that the low valuation was because of the local market, and also to ensure they could sell the house as quickly as possible. The Goldilocks’ weren’t impressed. Their frowns deepened when they learned that once they accepted an offer they would be passed on to another department to see the sale through to completion.  The Goldilocks’ started to wonder whether they could really trust their home with agent one.


Agent two was quickly through the door and took a thorough tour of their home.  They asked many questions, which impressed Mrs Goldilocks: ‘This agent seems to care about our move,” she thought.  When they sat down to discuss price they were shocked when agent two quoted higher than they had dreamed.  Mrs Goldilocks thought she could actually see pound signs in her husband’s eyes.  But great as it sounded, when the agent left they wondered how their house could be worth so much more than their research suggested?

The answer became clear when agent three arrived.  Their final choice of estate agents was KMJ Property, who had come highly recommended by their friends in the local community, but what could they offer?  Again, the agent said how lovely their home was, and asked lots of questions.  They knew the area where the Goldilocks’ lived extremely well but their valuation was in the middle of agent one and two. How could this be? 

“We know we’re not the cheapest agent for commission, but our worth is in the value we give.  By competitively pricing your property we can attract a larger number of potential buyers.  At negotiation we always work hard to achieve the best possible sale price.  Our strategy is to get your home sold,” said the agent from KMJ.

Agent three, told them about their family business, how he and his wife were managing directors of KMJ, parents to K and M who were Katrina and Marc who also worked for the company, and J was Jack who was the third of their children!

Mr Goldilocks wanted to understand why agent two had valued too high and agent one too low.  “Some agents like to overvalue a property to win your business, but this will probably lead to frustration, as they’ll ask you to reduce the value of your home time and time again.  Agents who price too low hope to negotiate above the asking price, but this can backfire.  Buyers these days are savvy and if your house seems too cheap they might not come and view, they’ll wonder what’s wrong with it!” the agent explained.

The Goldilocks family went to bed wondering who would be the best agent to sell their home.  Would they go for the low-fee agent who gave a low valuation, agent two, who valued too high, or agent three who valued ‘just right’? They thought they knew the answer…


Who’s the right agent to sell your home and help you move?


Let us show you why we’re just the right agent for you.



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Image by  Mabel Amber, still incognito from Pixabay

Image by Omar Medina Films from Pixabay

How to make your Tunbridge Wells or Crowborough home look brighter and bigger.

Autumn is here and soon the nights and even days will start to get darker and greyer, making our homes feel grim and unwelcoming.  Natural light is one of the few things that your home can’t have too much of, especially when you are looking to sell. Light can make any space feel bigger and give a property a warm feeling and a sense of home. There are many things you can do to bring more light into your home without having to undertake a major renovation. We have some great and handy tips for sellers on how to make your Crowborough or Tunbridge Wells home look brighter and, as a result, bigger.

Clever use of mirrors and reflections

Mirrors bounce light around a room and if you place a mirror across from a window, angled right, the natural light will be reflected into the darkest areas of the room.  Mirrors are wonderful for making a room look brighter and more spacious, but so are other shiny and reflective surfaces. In your living room or even bedroom, think about adding some metallic or mirrored furniture or accents to help reflect light around the room. Obviously, staying on top of your cleaning ensuring there are no smudges on your glass will be very important!

Stainless steel appliances in your kitchen combined with sleek white cabinets will make your kitchen look brighter.  In your kitchen and bathroom you could also look at using glass tiles or backsplashes.  In the right conditions, glass tiles will reflect close to 100 per cent of the light that hits them.  Instead of glass, you could also look at highly glossy ceramic tiles as these have nearly the same reflective effect.  When it comes to light reflection, the superior choice of tile is the subway tile but you can’t beat metallic backsplash tiles for maximum reflection.

Your choice of window dressing

We use curtains and blinds to block out the light but also for privacy, and even when opening your curtains before a viewing there are some rooms that just won’t be able to carry dark velvet drapes without the light being sucked away.  Think about swapping your window dressing for lighter shades and make sure that all blinds are fully open before a viewing begins.

The best paint

Your choice of paint can transform any room, making it look cleaner, more relaxing, cosier and, of course, brighter.  It will be of no surprise that neutral shades such as whites and pastels will make a room look brighter, but whilst you’re deciding which colour to choose, leave testing splotches on your wall for over 24 hours, this way you will be able to see which looks the best in the differing light throughout the day.

The paint shade you choose for your interior walls is one way to reflect natural light back into your rooms.  Nothing is brighter than a white stain, which will also make your home look clean and fresh.  If you’re not a fan of white, look at the varying shades of off white to see if that works better for you. But remember, this is the home you are leaving, so the colour should be chosen to enhance your home’s features and attract potential buyers – you can have fun with colour when you are settled in your new home.

Don’t forget your ceiling when you’re decorating. The reason most ceilings are white is because white reflects light, yet ceilings can often go unnoticed. Choose a matte finish for your ceilings, as this reduces the glare – plus, they don’t need the washability of gloss paints because they won’t get touched as much or filled with children’s wonderful and unexpected art work!


Sometimes it can be hard getting light into a dark room without adding a new window – you don’t have to go to such an expense, instead play with the light you already have. Angle your furniture towards the light so that it reflects off it, especially if it is pale in colour.  You may not be able to get more sunlight into your room but a large light coloured rug will help brighten it up, especially if you have darker floors.

Clutter also has a way of draining light from a room and making it feel claustrophobic and unwelcoming.  By decluttering, organising and minimising the amount of furniture you have in a space, it will feel larger and brighter as a result.

Importance of light

Never forget the importance of light when selling your home in Tunbridge Wells or Crowborough you don’t need to knock down walls to make a difference. If you want to understand the difference we can make to your selling experience, give our friendly team a call on 01892 515188.

Is your bathroom really aiding the sale of your Tunbridge Wells or Crowborough home?

Selling your home is an art, and your success can largely depend on how you prepare your home for sale. Bathrooms really do have the potential to make or break a sale – a new or well-maintained bathroom can say a lot about a home, whereas the alternative screams pound signs, something no potential buyer cares to see.  With the high cost of replacing a bathroom, it is no wonder that how yours is presented could potentially break the sale. Buyers want to see a spa-like sanctuary, a place they can go and relax, so stand in the doorway of your bathroom and ask yourself: is my bathroom aiding the sale of my home?

Unsightly view

We have all seen them whilst flicking through properties online, those bathrooms filled with everyday items and toiletries making the room look far from attractive.  That toothbrush in its holder, toothpaste on the sink – although this is normal life, you have to change your thinking and turn your bathroom into more of a chic hotel setting.  Every surface needs to be clear, with only a small selection of chosen items on display, such as a couple of carefully placed luxury bottles. Get inspiration from hotels, interior magazines and Instagram, where bathrooms are elegantly staged to create a luxurious space that no buyer would want to leave. This doesn’t have to cost a fortune, local health and beauty stores often have offers on Champneys, Soap and Glory and Sanctuary products meaning you can easily pick up a couple of luxury items to dress your bathroom.


Is there space?

No matter the room, space is always something that buyers crave. If they feel like storage is an issue, it can make them contemplate whether your property is going to be big enough for them.  Buyers will naturally want to have a nosey in cupboards, which is why you need to make sure that your bathroom cabinets are clean and beautifully organised. Use baskets or boxes to organise and store items on your shelves, as this gives a clean and tidy look. Simple things like lining up your products, with labels facing forwards, wiping shelves, and throwing away mostly-used packages that you’ve left at the back of the cupboard for way longer than you should have!

Bring back the shine

Of course, a bathroom is going to lose its shine over time, but missing or mouldy grout really isn’t that attractive and will no doubt be the first thing your potential buyers see.  You would be amazed how quickly they can begin to question the asking price of your property if they don’t feel it has been well maintained.  Make sure your bathroom is cared for and loved, so that when they start to think about an offer, they will want it to be competitive so that your home doesn’t slip through their fingers. This is no doubt a time consuming and fiddly job, but it doesn’t cost a lot to do and can make a whole world of difference.


Make it sparkle

From taps to showerheads, from the bath to the sink, every inch of your bathroom should be sparkling clean. Don’t forget your shower door – there are some great tools that can keep this looking super clean. If you’re a Mrs Hinch fanatic like myself, you might have heard of Scrub Daddy/Mummy products, these are perfect for your shower door, paired with some Vikal! If you have a shower curtain, just grab a new one for the viewings – ideally one that is a neutral design and works with the colours of your bathroom.

Fluffy and white

You know when you stay at a nice hotel or resort and they have those gloriously fluffy white towels and bathrobes? When it comes to towels, you want them looking their best for viewings, which is why at KMJ Property we always recommend that you purchase some ‘viewing’ towels. These brand new white and fluffy towels are only to be put out when you have a viewing, so you know they will always be ready to look their best, even if you have very little notice.

Bring the outside in

One easy way to transform your bathroom is to bring in the outdoors by incorporating plants and natural textures. Plants can also help filter out any toxins that may be in the air, and humidity-loving plants thrive in a bathroom environment.  Plants will add colour and personality to a room with very little effort, and you don’t need a big bathroom either.  But a swell as providing some decoration they are also known to purify the air and release natural oils – they can even lower your stress levels, which is ideal when you are wanting to soak in a long hot bubble bath.

Don’t forget the scents

Viewing a property is a sensory experience, your mind is soaking in everything it sees, hears, touches and, of course, smells. When you think of a luxurious bathroom, you want the room to be filled with calming scents such as lavender, peppermint, citrus or rosemary.  It’s about matching the scent to the vibe and style of your bathroom, as mismatched aromas can confuse the senses. You want buyers to be excited by the ambience you have created, and not overpowered by the smell of bleach from your panic clean just before!

Simple touches such as reed diffusers or subtle air fresheners can give gentle scent, or perhaps a lavender room spray!


Every room counts

It is essential to remember, when selling your home, that every room counts. If you take time to truly prepare your home for sale, you will reap the rewards in estate agent valuations and subsequent offers.  For more advice on how to prepare each room of your home for sale in Tunbridge Wells or Crowborough, contact our sales team on 01892 5151 88.

Why location, location, location is driving sellers across Tunbridge Wells and Crowborough.

We can all agree that the last couple of years has been an experience. It has seen us separated from those we love, locked into neighbourhoods we don’t love, and opened our eyes to what’s really important.  For many, it has pressed them to make the massive change that is moving house, yet at KMJ Property we have found that there’s been one common denominator when it comes to motivation to move. Yes, some sellers may be looking for more space but what we are told again and again is that location, location, location is more important now than ever before.

The family incentive

Over the years, decades and generations, many things have pulled us apart – a desire to travel, relocating for work, love and lifestyle. As families, we have accepted living miles apart and coming together for celebrations and holidays. Yet the pandemic, as we know, put a halt to all socialising and travel and meant that, instead of weeks, the time between seeing each other in person turned into years.  This has been the driving force for some sellers to make the move to be closer to their loved ones. We have met with children taking the huge step to uproot their lives to settle closer to their parents, and parents doing the same to be close to their children and grandchildren.

This desire for physical closeness is a fierce driver for home moving, and also a very emotional one. These sellers are not moving because their house has become too big or too small, or because they have fallen out of love with their property or neighbourhood. The reality of leaving what they love can make these moves difficult, but, ultimately, they know that at the end of it they will finally be in easy distance of what really matters in their lives – those people they love.

Change in lifestyle

Cities were the hub where all the action happened and, for many professionals, the only place to be should you wish to climb the career ladder. Now there has been a revolution, a change in perspective, a reality check as it were – a realisation that you really can have a work–life balance. With homeworking continuing for many and employers embracing a more flexible working culture, many sellers are leaving the city life to find their calm amidst the chaos.

Lockdown rules encouraged us all to get out and exercise, with many walking more than ever before – according to Tom Platt, of The Ramblers Association, 'People say they will continue to walk more when the Covid restrictions have ended.' It is therefore no surprise that we have found that many sellers are seeking a new home close to walking trails.  Whether these sellers are heading for the hills or the beach, they are seeking a lifestyle that is in complete contrast to what they had been living before.

Rediscovering the beauty on our doorsteps

When you are not allowed to travel out of your local neighbourhood, it is amazing how much you discover is available on your doorstep. It’s as though your eyes have been opened to a new world, and the streets you once raced down, you now wander and take in slowly, seeing what each store has to offer and what’s at the end of that path. If you’re house no longer fits, once you have rediscovered the beauty on your doorstop, you may wish a new home but not a new location.

We love meeting sellers who have been reawakened to their little piece of Tunbridge Wells or Crowborough during the last couple of years, and although they feel they are ready to move home for one reason or another, there is one area of their search they will not compromise on, and that is the location.  They have fallen in love with where they live again, and we just love helping them find a buyer who feels exactly the same.

The best position

Understanding why you wish to move is crucial if we are to provide you with the finest service. We can ensure that your location-dictated move becomes a reality and works with the timescale you have in mind. If you’re motivated to sell because of location, location, location, contact the agent in the best position to sell your home, get in touch with our team at KMJ Property on 01892 5151 88

4 Signs you’re breaking up with your home in Tunbridge Wells and Crowborough.

No one likes a break-up, but circumstances change, and life can throw up some unexpected situations that make us rethink our future.  The passion you once felt for the home that has brought you such joy over the years has started to dwindle and now, you’re seeing niggles and frustrations around every corner.  So, what are the signs you’re breaking up with your home?

  1. Bored now

Some people thrive off change, they like to always be experiencing new things, which includes moving home.  Having taken the time to transform the property into the initial vision you had, you are now a little restless, some may refer to it as having itchy feet.  Yes, this house is stunning and fulfils your needs as you had wished it would, but while many would see this as a time to relax and enjoy the fruit of your labours, you’re ready to move on.  You need a new challenge, a new property to inspire your creativity, and you say to your home – it’s not you, it’s me!

  1. Don’t fix, move

As we go through life our needs change. Whether you start a family or find yourself with an empty nest, what meets your needs today may not meet your needs tomorrow.  These needs could be driven by a belief that there’s a better property out there. It’s common to believe that the grass is greener on the other side! Instead of fixing the issues with your current home, the idea that the grass might actually be greener is way more attractive.

When you start to believe that a house isn’t working for you, it’s easy to ignore the positives that your home brings to your life and focus your energy on those niggles that have started to irritate you about where you live.  It could be the size of a room, or you might be starting to see some wear and tear that needs dealing with; the location could be a bug bear, or the area may have changed from when you purchased. Your children no longer need those much-desired schools that drove your decision to move there in the first place, and you might not enjoy being so close to that play area the kids loved so much, now that they’ve flown the nest!

Before you rush into a major decision, at KMJ Property we just want to remind you of the costs involved in moving home.  We want you to make the right decision for you, one you won’t regret further down the line. So, before you and your home separate for good, try and rekindle your romance and remember why you fell in love with it in the first place. Give it a little TLC, some new curtains, a cosy new carpet, or some candles, but remember, if your feelings are still strong, it’s time to say goodbye.

  1. Fulfilled a need

Not everyone who moves is seeking a forever home, some see it as a stepping-stone to where they want to ultimately get to.  You may have moved to an area and now need to relocate for work or family. Whatever the reason, your current property has fulfilled a need and now it’s time to move on.

Often in this case there can be a lack of emotional attachment to the property, making it easier to stage for viewings, but harder to get yourself motivated to do so.  It might help to get a friend to come over and point out some of your property’s beauty spots, things you might have glossed over. We want you to achieve the best price for your property and to do this you need to put the work in to get your home in the best shape.  Now it’s fulfilled your need, get it ready to help you onto the next step of the ladder.


  1. No longer fits

Size is a big issue for many people when they start thinking about moving home.  It could be that you feel the walls closing in around you as your family grows and your belongings no longer seem to fit.  Or the opposite could be true; you may feel like you’re rattling inside an empty cage with rooms you no longer use.  When your home no longer fits your life there tends to be only one solution, and that’s to move.

But before you rush into searching for your next home, start to really think about the space you do need from your next property.  People can often make rushed decisions when they feel unhappy and cramped, and their desire for a certain type or size space can override that for a home that’s futureproof.  Emotions are powerful tools that can sometimes affect our rational thinking, which is why we’d encourage you to come and chat to our sales team.  We can show you a range of properties in Tunbridge Wells, Crowborough or other surrounding areas that we believe will give you what you need today, but will also work for those many years to come. 

Breakups are hard to do

Yes, breaking up is never easy, even when it’s exactly what you want.  Moving home can be one of the most stressful things you do in life, which is why we want to make sure you’re moving for the right reasons.  And when you’re ready we know there are plenty more fish in the sea for you to make your own.

For more advice on moving home, chat to a member of our sales team on 01892 515188.

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